A Typical Brand Design Project

For us, a brand is much more than just a bit of logo development, it is the voice and the visual heart and soul of your company. It needs a lot of love and attention, from everyone. Here is an example of how we would create, with your help, your perfect business brand.

Stage 1: initial ideas

In this initial stage we will take all the information you have given us in your brief and do a bit of research into your competitors and how we can make you stand out. We will normally provide you with three different initial brand ideas exploring logos, typography, colour palettes, illustration/imagery and application (such as business cards). We will also provide a moodboard for each. If you have requested specific items such as business cards, we will provide ideas for these as well. 

These ideas will provide the basis for the development of your logo. You do not have to pick one, but with your feedback on the different ideas we can move on to developing your final brand.

You will receive all the elements shown in the images above for each initial idea.

Stage 2: development

This is where we take your feedback from the initial ideas and start pulling together your brand. We will estimate a time period for this, but if further work is needed we will revise our estimate and keep going until you're happy.

This stage is made up mostly of back and forth communication with us making amends to all aspects of the brand, our estimate normally covers three rounds of reasonable amendments.

We should end with at least three layouts for your logo: landscape, portrait and icon - plus fonts for headings and body text, a colour palette, a range of images/illustrations and layouts for items such as business cards or banner ads.

If you have requested specific items such as business cards, these will be developed in this stage as well.

Stage 3: final artwork

Once your brand is approved we will create versions for print and web for each logo layout plus provide full brand guidelines to help you keep your brand consistent.

If you have requested specific items such as business cards, we will provide final artwork for those as well.

The price will not include any font licenses or imagery, but we will provide all information you need to purchase them. If you prefer we can purchase them and add the cost to your final invoice.


How much does a brand design cost?

The price is based on how long the project will take. We will always provide an estimate and the more detail you can give us in your brief, the more accurate the estimate will be. We also base our estimates on the assumption we will provide three initial ideas, if you wish to reduce the cost you can request fewer initial ideas. Please fill in our Brand Design Project Questionnaire and we will happily provide you with an estimate for your project, normally within 48hrs.

How long will it take?

We can normally get your initial ideas to you within 2 to 3 weeks of receiving your deposit. The timeframe for the rest of the project will depend upon how quickly you provide feedback and how many elements you have requested. If all goes smoothly it is possible to have your final brand within 4 to 6 weeks although we cannot release the final files until your final invoice has been paid.

If I have a very clear idea of how I want my brand to look, will I get a discount?

To be honest, if you have a very clear idea of how you want your brand to look, we probably can't help. We provide a creative design service - we provide creative solutions to problems. If you have already solved the problem, we'll be a bit redundant. If there's scope for new ideas then there's still room for a designer to help.

What is the difference between logo design and brand design?

For us, logo design means simply that - a logo design. Brand design encompasses a lot more: typography, colour palettes, imagery, layout style etc. It provides the basis for a consistent brand look rather than just an isolated logo. Please see our page on a typical logo design project >

What is the process for getting a brand designed, how do we get started?

First, get in touch below or fill in our project questionnaire. We will send you an estimate normally within 48hrs. We are also always happy to have a chat to discuss your project either in person or by phone/skype.