A Not So Typical Logo Design Project

Here at Little Bulldog, we don't just bash out logos. Logos are important, but they are just one part of a brand. To have a strong, consistent brand you really need a whole kit of parts but if you are just looking for a logo, we will go through the same design process to provide you with a logo which can stand alone but can easily be expanded into a full brand.

Here is an example how we would go about creating a logo for your business.

Based on the brief, three different ideas were developed.

Stage 1: initial logo ideas

We will start off by thoroughly reviewing your brief and looking into your competitors to make sure we keep you unique. We tend to start with three initial approaches to the logo showing typography, colour, icons, pictograms, initials etc. These are a starting point for the development of your logo. From your feedback, we can move towards your final logo.

One initial idea was preferred and we explored different layouts and fonts

Stage 2: logo development

From your feedback, we can start to create your business logo. This stage will be a team effort to some extent as we will ask for feedback after each set of developments. The usual logo design project needs about three sets of back and forth development.

Here you can see all of the final logo layouts with spacing guidelines.

Stage 3: final logo

Once you've approved your final logo, we'll make sure you have every format you need - web logo, print logo, flavicon, strapline etc.

We can also provide you with a set of guidelines specifying recommended sizes and spacing for your logo.

If you decide you'd like to have a full brand developed, we will obviously be delighted to help.


How much does a logo design cost?

Annoying answer, but it depends. Some logo design projects are very simple, some need complicated icons developed, some will have lots of voices involved in the feedback. It depends how long it takes. We will always provide an estimate and the more detail you can give us in your brief, the more accurate the estimate will be. There are ways to avoid the costs getting out of hand and for our part we can look at using free fonts or providing fewer initial ideas for example. Projects will always take longer if lots of separate rounds of amendments are made, so you can help reign in the costs by sending them through in big batches.

what is the timescale?

Again... it depends! It all depends on the scope of your project, how quickly you provide feedback and when invoices are paid. If all goes smoothly it is possible to have your final logo within three to four weeks, possibly sooner.

I already know what i want, will It be cheaper and quicker?

To be honest, if you have a very clear idea of how you want your logo to look, we probably can't help. We provide a creative design service - we provide creative solutions to problems. If you have already solved the problem, we'll be a bit redundant. If there's scope for new ideas then there's still room for a designer to help.

What is the difference between logo design and brand design?

For us, a logo design project is the part of a brand design project, we can't think of the logo alone as we truly believe a brand is built of so much more. So we'll always design logos with a full brand look & feel in mind. Brand design encompasses a lot more: typography, colour palettes, imagery, layout style etc. It provides the basis for a consistent brand look rather than just an isolated logo. Please see our page on a typical brand design project >

how do we get started?

Fill in our brand design questionnaire and we will send you an estimate normally within 48hrs. If you wish to proceed, we'll give you a ring or pop in to chat through your brief and talk about timings.