What we believe



In this fast-paced, inter-connected world you can set up a business from anywhere. You can work to make any dream come true. That may just be to make big bucks, but we hope it's to make something amazing come to life. 

You might need a bit of help getting your voice out there and that's where we can help. We can help you find a big voice to shout with, a big flag to wave - look at me I may be little but I've done something incredible!

With a big brand that captures your true personality you can stand out in the crowd, no matter how little you are.

After years of working in retail graphic design for big businesses, we started leaning more and more towards creating interesting, personal brands and voices for creative small businesses. It's become a bit of a passion. 

As big companies become louder and louder and more and more impersonal, it seems a time has come for little businesses to pop up and speak out with different voices, unique voices, interesting voices. We really believe that there is more to a brand than a logo. A logo is just your name badge stuck to the rest of you, the real you. The colour, the voice, the pattern. 

So we decided to move away from big businesses and set up a service for small creative businesses. Businesses without big budgets, but full of personality and colour. We like to offer them the opportunity to have a big brand to shout out with so they can have a chance of competing with the big guys.

And you never know, with all the little guys supporting one another, we might just do it.


How we can support you

Support for your small business, when you need it

Little Bulldog Design offers a full range of graphic design services for your business.

We can get you on your way with a new brand or we can stick around and offer a support service to your own team. If you have design projects, but not enough to require a full-time designer we can jump in when you need a hand. If you're launching a new business, but don't have the time to focus on building the brand, we can come in and help and get you on your way so you can focus on other things. More than just a freelance logo designer but without all the strings of an expensive graphic design studio. We have a bit of a soft spot for brave folk following their dreams of starting their own business so we always try to sort something out no matter how small the budget.

With over 15 years experience in-house, agency side and on our own, we know how to work in a team and be totally self-sufficient. We're used to having loose briefs, tight briefs and no briefs at all (hee hee). We're used to working in-house, out of house and in a coffee shop. There's not much that phases us so if you're looking for a bit of design help, just get in touch below, we're happy to help.

We are located just outside Farnham, Surrey and offer brand design and a full design and copywriting service to small businesses in Surrey and Hampshire and the surrounding counties or, working remotely, throughout the United Kingdom.

And we obviously love dogs. Dogs are loyal, quirky, always look on the bright-side and never say no to a good nap. Why are we called Little Bulldog? We don't have a little bulldog (see below), that would be far too obvious. So probably because they're little and feisty, bit like us...

little bulldog design

Joanne, Creative Designer & copywriter

Happiest when writing or doodling or mucking about in the great outdoors with a small boy and a big dog. I love working with small businesses to create something that captures their personality. Little is big, little is brave, creative and honest and can quite often do something much more spectacular than big can. I am in charge of coming up with ideas and turning them into something bold. I basically do all the work and I hate having my photo taken (hence the arty blur).

Max, Director of Canine Communication

First off, he would like it to be known that he is not, and never has been a little bulldog and he is strongly pushing for a rebrand. Max is in charge of organising outdoor adventures, finding interesting smells, blocking doorways, chasing small people and eating things he shouldn't. Oh and barking, he's especially good at barking. Bit rubbish at drawing and typing...


Don't take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say...

I worked with Joanne on an illustration to better share our strategic direction across our organisation. Joanne came at the project with many ideas and fantastic creativity, making the process very easy.
Very professional and easy to work with - highly recommended.
— Les Elby, VP Strategy at AVEVA
Joanne is a fantastic designer and illustrator. She’s very receptive to what you as a client want, but is also full of new (and better!) ideas. We’ve been really impressed with all the work she’s done for us and will certainly want to work with her long-term.
— Emma Crawford, Director at Cupsmith
Having worked with Joanne on several creative projects, I have always found her to be both engaging and proficient. She offers a wonderful and insightful angle to any given problem and an opinion I have always valued.
I recommend her without hesitation.
— Michael Travalia, Creative Director at Shopworks
Quick to understand, asks the right questions and challenges every aspect of the design. Jo isn’t one of those designers who just makes things look pretty but rather has the capacity to think, write relevant copy and integrate effectively with the team. She is one of very few who understands the complexities of retail environmental communication and is a great member of the team.
— Steve James-Royle, Owner at The Yard Creative
I’ve hired Joanne on and off for ten years and worked with her prior to this. As well as being a joy to work with, she has always been insightful and clear in her creative work.
— Matt Kavanagh, Director at Space 11
I have known Joanne for a number of years. She has always provided the best ideas and designs and on time. I constantly use Joanne for all my design work from websites to business cards and would not hesitate to recommend her.
— Anna Bailey, Director at Red Monkey
I have hired Joanne for a couple of very contrasting graphic design projects and it has been a pleasure to work with her. She has a fantastic ability to interpret the brief (no matter how vague it is!) and comes back with imaginative and creative designs. Joanne is extremely reliable, professional and well organised with excellent communication skills. I felt confident that my design work was in a safe pair of hands, and would be delivered on time and to budget. I look forward to having the opportunity to working with her again.
— Wendy Eaton, Content Development Manager at Electric Word plc