Stupid little biscuit


I think my "big-eye-opening" moment in terms of brand design happened without me really realising it. Some time in the early 2000s when I wasn't even working properly in brand design, while having a coffee at a little café called Puccino's in Tunbridge Wells. My coffee came with a little biscuit that said "stupid little biscuit" on the wrapper. That seems pretty stupid in itself, but it made me giggle (doesn't take much) and it still makes me smile a decade and a half later. It made me giggle because I couldn't really believe it said that. I couldn't believe someone had got away with putting that on a biscuit wrapper without someone grumpy saying it wouldn't do. There's such a big place in this serious, busy world for things that make us stop and have a smile or even a giggle. So thank you stupid little biscuit (and Jim Smith who designed them and Mr/Mrs/Ms Puccino for letting him) for sticking in my head all these years and telling me to take everything a little less seriously and to try, even in a small way, to lighten up everyone's day a bit.