Case Studies

We love watching passionate small businesses grow and helping to build brand stories that capture their personalities.


This lovely family-run company came about when a couple who had moved out of London to the leafy Surrey countryside decided to start roasting coffee. They had both done the hustle and bustle of the city and were looking for a calmer, more natural pace of life for themselves and their young children. This goal lies at the heart of their family and is the essence of their brand. 

Saturday's Childcare

The client founded this company after finding a lack of support for families with children with special needs. She was very clear from the start that she wanted her company to have a very different feel to existing family support services. Something that appealed to parents in a positive way as a friendly face rather than another daunting bureaucratic service.

Charlie Rose Organics

Charlie Rose products were initially very simply branded and although there was nothing wrong with the branding some of their customers who knew the owner personally knew that she was missing an opportunity. She has a very bright, healthy, energetic and optimistic glow about her with is very appealing. So why not bring this out in her products' brand personality too?

Loddon & Test Leader Programme

The programme director for this rural fund approached us with a project to build a brand that would appeal to a younger, broader audience. A brand voice that would feel less intimidating and impersonal than a lot of government funds and grants. We used the textures and colours of the rural landscape to inspire the soft, elegant brand.