Charlie Rose Organics

hand drawn pattern

A brand in the making

Charlie Rose Organics is a small family run business set up to offer a high-quality range of affordable organic beauty products while allowing the owners to have a flexible, balanced family and work life.

Charlie Rose products were initially very simply branded and although there was nothing wrong with the branding some of their customers who knew the owner personally knew that she was missing an opportunity. She has a very bright, healthy, energetic and optimistic glow about her with is very appealing. So why not bring this out in her products' brand personality too?

We love patterns and hand-drawing at little bulldog so we saw this as a great opportunity to do a bit of what we love and create Charlie Rose a lovely vibrant brand. We have started by using a range of bright colours and hand-drawn botanical patterns to create a brand that doesn't just stand out but also brings out some of the personality of the owner, and therefore the business.

Initial thoughts

We started by playing around with hand drawn botanical patterns

We then looked at colour blocking and how that would work on the product labels.

charlie rose

A brighter development

The client really liked the direction we were going and happily wanted to go even brighter. So we are now working on a range of brightly coloured botanical patterns creating an individual look for each of the products.

Organic beauty care made with love

To find out more about Charlie Rose Organics and try their fantastic products, head over to

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