cupsmith brand

Creating a wonderful brand together

This lovely family-run company came about when a couple who had moved out of London to the leafy Surrey countryside decided to start roasting coffee. They had both done the hustle and bustle of the city and were looking for a calmer, more natural pace of life for themselves and their young children. This goal lies at the heart of their family and is the essence of their brand. 

"Shunning the relentless, nerve-frazzling speed of modern day life for one that harks back to a slower, meandering pace, we think enjoying a cup of coffee or tea is the perfect moment every day to sit and let life slow down."

They had a clear idea of the kind of brand they wanted, something nostalgic, harking back to slower times. A brand that was optimistic and celebrated the things in life that we all too often rush past: trees & clouds, books & bicycles, friends & family.

Initial Concepts

Our initial ideas were very inspired by vintage signage and lettering - evoking a time of craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. 

First Development

Here we introduced the line drawings that have stayed an important part of the brand.



Looking at things with a retail eye

As the brand developed and more shops started stocking Cupsmith products, it became obvious that this pretty packaging wasn't quite bold enough to stand out on a cluttered retail shelf. We moved to a bolder style while keeping the vintage feel, but with a modern take. We developed the block colour palette which makes the packaging so distinct from the competitors.

The growing family

Cupsmith had always been planning to offer more than coffee and when their initial products were met with enthusiasm and a growing, loyal customer base they expanded their range to offer high quality leaf tea pyramids and hot chocolates. We developed a look and feel for each category or product packaging that still sat within the Cupsmith family. Teas were a bit softer and prettier and hot chocolates were a bit more fun.

An appealing brand ethos

The brand is the DNA of any business and for Cupsmith a key part of explaining their brand egos was via their social media presence plus product and lifestyle photography. We had never really been involved with photo styling or merchandising before so it was a real treat to get involved.

website image showing merchandised wall in the roastery. Photo styled by little bulldog design and Cupsmith and taken by  Catherine Frawley

website image showing merchandised wall in the roastery. Photo styled by little bulldog design and Cupsmith and taken by Catherine Frawley

An evolving and growing brand

We have loved creating Cupsmith's brand and packaging design. They are constantly growing and evolving and it's a lovely brand to work with. To try their delicious coffee, teas and chocolates for yourselves, head over to