*NEW* Annual Design Support


*NEW* Annual Design Support

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* To celebrate the launch of our subscription service we are offering 10% off to our first 5 subscribers!*

Many small companies need the services of a graphic designer - to layout brochures, make presentations looks spectacular, sort out business cards for new employees etc - but many don't need a full time designer, but a part time professional designer who can take on design projects on an on-going basis.

We are launching our limited subscription services to fill that need. By purchasing a subscription you will become a priority client for the length of your subscription. You won't need to scrabble about looking for a last minute designer, we'll be that designer when you need them not when you don't.

Our subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis. An annual subscription runs for a year with a set number of hours allotted to each month. All annual subscriptions offer a free month based on the monthly subscription prices. Annual subscriptions can be paid for in advance or if you get in touch below we can set up a quarterly instalment plan.

If you have paid in advance and you let us know what to expect for time-planning purposes, you are welcome to accumulate hours for a larger project within the year - for example if you are on a 10 hour a month plan, paid in advance, and you wish to save two months worth of hours for a bigger project in the third month, that is fine as long as you let us know and it is within your year.  Expired hours cannot be refunded but can be carried over if you renew either monthly or annually.

With each project you send us we'll send you an estimate to let you know how long we think it will take. Design hours cover all the hours spent actually doing the design work plus time spent on email/phone/meetings, travel time, research, making amendments, ordering print etc. Once you subscribe, we'll send over a guide to help you make the best use of your design time.

Example times (these are generic examples and may be different to what you are quoted depending on the intricacy of each project) :

Creating a simple web banner with client checked & approved copy supplied: 1 hour including one set of amendments

Laying out 3 new business cards with client checked & approved copy and templates supplied: 1 hour including one set of amendments

Creating a two page flyer with client checked & approved copy supplied: 3 hours including two sets of amendments

Creating an infographic with client checked & approved copy supplied: 6 hours including one set of amendments

Creating an eight page brochure with client checked & approved copy and images supplied: 12 hours including two sets of amendments

Setting up a five page content-ready Squarespace site: 20 hours

Company rebrand including logo options, typography, colour palette and image style: 30 hours including three sets of amendments (not including stationery templates, website etc)

If you have any questions please get in touch below.

hours per month for one year:
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Once you purchase your first subscription we'll send you a welcome pack including a guide on how to make the best use of your hours and a contract stating that all the work we do for you will be your property.