Squarespace Website Design

We would never pretend to be web whizzes, but we can help you set up a stunning, professional website (like ours) based on the award-winning Squarespace templates.

A professional website without the hefty price tag

We can help you set up a stunning, professional website to show your wares or sell your wares. Our design prices are very reasonable because we will base your site on one of the existing award-winning Squarespace templates, so most of the hard work has been done. Once your site is set up, we will pass the reins over to you so you won't have to pay for continued support from us (unless you need us and then we'll be happy to help).

We are happy to work from your supplied copy and content or we can help you with copywriting and content generation if you require. 

Flexibility & Functionality

The Squarespace platform is incredibly easy to use. You can have a stunning portfolio site or a fully-functional commerce site. We will help you set up your site and then the highly-qualified Squarespace team will be there to help you along the way.

Domain Name Registration

We can also help you get your domain name registered and hooked up to your brand new website. We can also help you set up email accounts. As with the website, once it's all setup we'll pass everything over to you.

If you're interested in help setting up a Squarespace site, why not get in touch or fill in our questionnaire and we'll get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible.